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Woven Elastic

Woven elastic provides the greatest variety of options in construction for elastic items. They range form finely woven, lightweight items to heavy, stout elastic straps.Does not narrow on being stretched and can easily be stitched through.Woven elastic is available in widths of 1/8"to 8". Stretch and modulus can be adjusted. Woven elastic is also available with a cotton or polyester jacket, latex rubber or latex free.

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Knitted Elastic

Knitted elastic is soft, strong and appropriate for most apparel items.Because it's lightweight, it's lightweight, it's best-suited for lightweight fabrics. it doesn't narrow when stretched and is not affected by needle piercing, making it as suitable for direct fabric application as it is for casings. Knitting elastics are extremely popular due to the lower cost. Available in sizes from 1/8" to 32" wide

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Braided Elastic

Braided elastics are made of natural and synthetic yarns braided around a natural or synthetic rubber. We stock several items in standard widths from 1/8"-1" wide.Braided elastic is generally not made more than 1" wide.Braided elastic is used inside casings because it narrows when it's stretched, and it looses its stretch and shape retention when it's pierced or stitched through. Braided elastic has distinctive legthwise.

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Cords and Tapes

We make flat cords, elastic cords, and regular round cords in different materials:Cotton, Polyester, Nylon,Polypropylene.All of our cords are available in a rich variety of colors and specifications. Shoelaces, drawstrings, lanyards, and bungee cords are all created with different types of elastic or non-elastic cords. Thicker cords can be used for a variety of industrial and commercial uses, while narrower cords are typically

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