Woven Elastic

Woven elastic provides the greatest variety of options in construction for elastic items. They range from finely woven, lightweight items to very heavy, stout elastic straps. Does not narrow on being stretched and can easily be stitched through. Woven elastic is available in widths of 1/8" to 8". Stretch and modulus can be adjusted. Woven elastic is also available with a cotton or polyester jacket, latex rubber or latex free.

Woven Lurex Elastic

Woven Bloch Ballet Elastic

Woven Draw Cord Elastic

Mono Filament Elastic

Woven Tapes

Woven Honey Comb Elastic

Woven Button hole Elastic

Woven Jacquard Elastic

Woven Multi coloured Elastic

Woven Surgical Elastic

Woven Shoe Elastic